Haarlem Roc (Ernie)
Haarlem Roc
By Coup D'Or  
Out of Alliance VDL De Montsec
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Harlem Roc Coup D\'Or Coupe de Coeur Calido Cantus Caletto I
Baroness Coriander
Adele Lincoln Landgraf I
Kolin Urioso
Rivera Rivero xx Surumu xx  
Razoumova xx Dominion xx
Windoria Lordanos Landos
Winga Grannus
Alliance VDL De Montsec

For Pleasure Furioso II Furioso Precipitation
Dame De Ranville S.F Talisman
Que Je Suis Belle
Gigantin Grannus Hann Graphit
Odessa H
Goldi Goya
Carabella Carthago Capitol 1 Capitano Holst
Perra Calando I
Kerrin H
La-Porta Roman Ramzez x
Dorette 21
Tarnkappe Polarfurst
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 Coup D'Or x For Pleasure x Carthago

4yrs chestnut gelding

Bred in the purple for show jumping

Ernie's superb temperament & talent is making breaking & schooling this boy both easy & pleasurable 

 Watch this space as we follow his education. with adopted daughter Georgia Love.

We will enjoy competing this one.